Let's roll up our sleeves and get straight to business...

We are a new company, but we aren't new to the business of tobacco use prevention and control. Collectively, we have over 20 years of experience in fostering a social and legal climate in which tobacco use becomes undesirable and unacceptable. We have successfully worked together for over 5 years planning, implementing, evaluating, fine tuning, and re-implementing innovative and effective interventions in the dynamic world of tobacco. We've forged relationships and leveraged partnerships to implement and sustain meaningful changes. The result of our mutual effort is at the core of Health Promotion Strategies (HPS). The following list is much more than services, outreach and education provided by HPS, it is how WE make a difference in the health and wellness of our clients:

Adult Cessation

  • We can visit your worksite and help you set up cessation counseling/coaching services for your employees AND clients.
  • We can help you convert your worksite (inside and out) to tobacco/nicotine free.
  • We can assess your demographics, employers, and other community resources or assets and help you create and implement a plan to reduce the prevalence rate of adult tobacco use.
  • We can roll-out a comprehensive media campaign purposed to promote quitting among adults.
  • We can help your community restrict the sale, and access to, tobacco products.
Youth Prevention & Cessation
  • We can leverage youth groups to conduct effective tobacco prevention activities.
  • We can roll-out a comprehensive media campaign to promote youth tobacco prevention and cessation.
  • We can visit youth groups or classrooms and conduct entertaining and enlightening educational presentations.
  • We can help schools or other youth-serving organizations implement tobacco/nicotine free policies.
  • We can work with local law enforcement to ensure youth access to tobacco products is restricted.
  • We can work with youth-serving organizations to connect youth with Quitline services.
Secondhand Smoke
  • We can assess your business's conformity with the smokefree law and guide you into compliance.
  • We can help you implement a smokefree (and tobacco/nicotine free) grounds policy.
  • We can assist your multi-unit housing association in implementing a smokefree housing policy.
  • We can help your community promote smokefree homes and vehicles.
  • We can work with local law enforcement to enforce the smokefree law.
Coalition Building
  • We can inventory community resources, business and other assets and then form important partnerships to ensure that tobacco use prevention and control is a commonly-shared community priority.
  • We can reinvigorate existing coalitions and get them excited about tobacco use prevention and control.
  • We can consult coalitions on the best tobacco use prevention and control interventions.
  • We can educate community organizations on tobacco's negative impact.
Surveillance, Evaluation, & Statistics
  • We can gather important, relevant and recent tobacco-related data and interpret it for your community.
  • We can make key observations of tobacco industry activities in your community.
  • We can evaluate past tobacco use prevention and control interventions and assess their effectiveness.
  • We have reduced tobacco use prevalence in our communities drastically over the last 10 years. There are certain cohorts that remain vulnerable to the risk of tobacco use. We can work within your community and identify these pockets, and then implement innovative strategies to reduce their prevalence rates.




Health Promotion Strategies (HPS) is a nonprofit corporation registered in the State of Iowa. Our mission is to improve the health and wellnss of our clients through innovative services and programs. We harness and leverage a broad network of partnerships to help us achieve our mission.

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